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M Squared Lasers Ltd


1 Technology Terrace
Todd Campus
Maryhill Road

Phone: 0141 945 0500
Fax: 0141 945 0505
Employees: 8

  Contact Phone Fax Email
Primary Dr. Graeme Malcolm 0141 945 0500 0141 945 0505
Sales/2nd Leigh Bromley 0141 945 0500 0141 945 0505
Technical/3rd Dr. Graeme Malcolm 0141 945 0500 0141 945 0505

Organisation Description

M Squared Lasers designs and manufactures next-generation diode-pumped solid lasers (DPSSL) and advanced photonic instruments. M Squared’s expertise spans the entire laser performance spectrum, from ultra narrow, highly stabilized continuous wave (CW) to broadband femtoseconds (fs) sources, and from deep ultraviolet (DUV) to terahertz (THz) wavelengths. M Squared’s experience covers a diverse range of industrial and research applications, including: remote sensing; spectroscopy; defence systems, fundamental science; optical metrology; and bio-medical diagnostics. Headquarted in Glasgow, Scotland M Squared has global reach and provides local sales and service support via representatives in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Product/Research Description

M Squared recognizes that reliability and breakthrough performance are key to helping customers advance their applications. Consequently, M Squared’s guiding principle is to provide ‘Dependable Innovation to all its customers – well supported, workhorse products that are both innovative and highly reliable. This is reflected in M Squared’s design philosophy, which is to blend our extensive laser industry experience and novel technology with field-proven technology elements. Our ‘Firefly’ compact mid-infrared (mid -IR) and THz laser sources (with class-leading power & tuning ranges); Sprite ultracompact, turnkey fs laser; ultracompact, automated ‘SolsTiS’ CW Ti:sapphire laser; and our ICE-BLOC photonic control modules with Ethernet all embody this guiding principle.

New Products

SolsTis CW Ultra narrow Linewidth Ti: Sapphire Laser
The smallest laser of it’s type and the first to be turnkey, SolstiS is a widely tuneable, hands-free, single frequency Ti:Sapphire laser system. With a unique integrated pump option & InvarianT mounts, SolsTiS provides a new capability for fundamental science.

The ultracompact SolsTis incorporates an extremely compact laser resonator for high stability, thermal insensitivity and simplified tuning & frequency scanning/locking. SolsTis has a host of next generation features that lowers costs, while maximizing; performance, reliability and productivity. Designed with up-to-date DSP electronics, it delivers high average power (up to 1w) and broad tuning (705-960nm) with only 7W of pump, the lowest noise in the industry and narrow Linewidth. Incorporating M Squared’s unique Instrument Control by Ethernet (ICE) functionality, SolsTis provides the user with local or remote system control, monitoring and troubleshooting via any Web/LAN Ethernet connection. A laptop and Graphical User Interface GUI both supplied as standard, ensure out-o-the-box productivity, and ready integration into user applications.

Firefly Pulsed Mid –IR and Laser Sources
The fire fly product comprises novel, compact diode-pumped nanosecond laser sources that generate narrow Linewidth, high brightness mis-IR or THz output. Both incorporate M Squared’s unique ‘InvarianT’ drift free and alignment free mounting technology, and innovative, sealed clamshell housing design. With a unique blend of broad tuning, high peak power, hands-free operation and shoebox size, Firefly-IR provides new capabilities for remote sensing and imaging, molecular spectroscopy and IRCM applications. Firefly-IR’s high pulse repetition rate also allows rapid data acquisition, and powerful video-rate imaging capability. Similarly Firefly-THz provides output powers >10uW at 400Hz (10x higher power than equivalent THz sources) with continuous tuning from 1.2 to 3THz. The Firefly’s wide tuning enables users to access the absorption features or ‘fingerprints’ of many different substances with a single unit, while its high power allows the user to ‘see’ further in remote detection/sensing applications.

Quality Standards

M Squared Laser employs a quality management system equivalent to ISO9001 (2000) accerditation. The founders of M Sqaured Lasers previously were responsible for achiveing the ISO 9001 (2000) accrediation when managing Coherent Scotland Ltd.

Main Markets

M Sqaured’s expreince covers a diverse range of industrial and research applications, including: remote sensing; spectroscopy; defence systems, fundamental science; optical metrology; and bio-medical diagnostics. Headquaters in Glasgow , Scotland, M Squared Lasers has global reach and provies local sales and service support via represnsentives in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Services Offered

Advanced solid state laser systems.
Photonic insturmentation moduels.
Bespoke research and development.

Specialised Skills and Facilities

M Squared Lasers has a highly experienced and capable technical and management team. The founders have been between them over 25 years experience in project and business management, award winning laser product design and development and commercializing novel laser technology for both scientific and 24/7 industrial use.
M Squared Lasers Ltd recently moved to new, larger headquarters on the Todd Campus of the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, to accommodate successful introductions of new product lines and associated sales growth. This building is new, state of the art laser manufacturing, R&D, service and admin facility and kitted with all Opto-electronic laser equipment necessary for development, manufacture of advanced solid-state laser systems.

Collaboration Sought or Offered

Interested in collaboration in laser technology and applications.



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