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Optocap Limited


5 Bain Square
Kirkton Campus
EH54 7DQ

Phone: 01506 403 550
Fax: 01506 403 551
Employees: 10

  Contact Phone Fax Email
Primary David Ruxton 01506 403 552 01506 403 551
Sales/2nd Stephen Duffy 01506 403 550 01506 403 551
Technical/3rd Bill Ashby 01506 403 554 01506 403 551

Organisation Description

Optocap Ltd provides contract packaging design and assembly services for microelectronic and optoelectronic devices.

Optocap’s assembly and packaging know-how enables our customers to reduce development and manufacturing costs, accelerate time to market and reduce risk with new product developments.

Our expertise in packaging solutions spans the full product life-cycle: from design through prototyping, process optimisation, product qualification, failure analysis, volume manufacturing and transfer to low-cost volume manufacture. This provides customers adopting an outsourced manufacturing model with a much simplified and efficient supply chain.

Quality Standards

Procedures and processes are being established with the aim of meeting ISO9000 accreditation requirements.

Main Markets

Worldwide in:

  • Opto/microelectronics
  • MEMS
  • Biotech
  • Micro displays
  • Sensors

Targeting applications across consumer, industrial, scientific, communications, medical and automotive markets.

Services Offered

Optocap provides a range of assembly services/applications including;

*Wafer Saw

*Au Ball, Au/Al Wedge and Ribbon wire bonding

*Au stud bumping

*Pick and Place

*Die bonding (eutectic and epoxy attach)

*Wire pull/Die Shear

*Epoxy dispense and stamping

*Flip Chip Assembly

*Fiber alignment and attach

*Hermetic sealing

*Ceramic and Plastic packaging

*Chip on Board

*Optoelectronic Packaging

*System-in-Package assembly

*RF Module packaging

*MEMS packaging

*Hybrid/MCM assembly

*X-ray imaging

*Environmental testing

Optocap has experience is the packaging on a wide variety of products including;

*Laser Diodes

*High Brightness LED


*Concentrator Photovoltaic modules



*OLED Displays

Optocap is a “Pure-Play” contract assembly service provider which means that we don’t manufacturer and market our own product lines and hence don’t compete with our customers. This important for customers concerned about IP leakage.

Specialised Skills and Facilities

Key Equipment
Optocap has implemented a comprehensive assembly capability that includes the following key equipment:
Palomar 3500 II component assembly station, fitted with eutectic die attach and flip chip capability.
LASER weld for fibre attach, including high precision beam presentation platform.

Physik Instruments semi auto fibre align station to nanometric precision.
Optical test – tuneable laser sources, analysis (OSA, power meter, integrating sphere, polarization analyser).
Micro-focus X-ray (<5? resolution).

Collaboration Sought or Offered

Use and supply of complimentary services, resources and equipment.



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