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Coherent Scotland Limited

Coherent Logo logo

Todd Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
Maryhill Road
G20 0XA

Phone: 0141 945 8150
Fax: 0141 945 8151
Employees: 97

  Contact Phone Fax Email
Primary Dr Christopher Dorman 0141 945 8211 0141 945 8151
Sales/2nd Dr Christopher Dorman 0141 945 8211 0141 945 8151
Technical/3rd Dr Christopher Dorman 0141 948 8211 0141 945 8151

Organisation Description

Coherent Scotland is an innovative company specialising in the development and production of solid state lasers, including high power, short pulse, mode-locked, diode-pumped lasers, ultra-narrow linewidth Ti:sapphire lasers and resonant frequency doublers. Coherent Scotland is now part of the Coherent group of companies

Product/Research Description

The Azure is an industrial 266nm CW laser. Fully hands-free through the use of innovative control systems, very low noise, long lifetime and excellent beam quality; the Azure is ideal for demanding OEM applications in the Semiconductor Inspection, Fiber Bragg Grating production and DVD mastering industries. The Chameleon is a widely- tuneable ultrafast pulsed laser designed with the Multi Photon Excitation (MPE) microscopy in mind. Hands free operation and exqusite beam quality the Chameleon also serves other markets; time-resolved photoluminescence, non-linear spectroscopy, fluorescence upconversion, quantum optics, terahertz imaging, and materials characterization and processing. The MBR- 110 is tunable single frequency Ti:sapphire laser which redefines standards of ultra-narrow linewidth. The MBR-110 is an ideal tool for high resolution spectroscopy (and atom trapping and cooling) in the near infra-red spectral region. For shorter wavelengths the MBD-200 can be used to frequency double the MBR-110. This highly efficient resonant doubler allows access the blue-uv area of the spectrum (350-500nm).

Quality Standards

BS EN ISO 9001:2008
BS EN ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007

Main Markets

Chameleon: Semiconductor inspection DVD mastering, MPE microscopy Spectroscopy

Services Offered

Main Applications: Scientific Research

Specialised Skills and Facilities

Our in-house expertise and experience covers a broad range of capabilities in the field of solid-state laser technology includin Diode-pumped lasers: Mode-locked g* Infra-red Single-frequency Visible Q-switched* Ultraviolet



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